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LockD Clips Integrated Carabiner System

LockD Clips

LockD Clips is the adventure recreation industry’s most advanced integrated carabiner system. The next evolution of “always locked” smart belay systems, the LockD Clips system is designed specifically for the needs of adventure recreation operators and participants.

Tweezle Key

The Tweezle™ Key is the “key” to the LockD Clips smart belay system. Attach a Tweezle™ Key to any 3/8″ or 1/2″ (9 to 12 mm) belay cable and let guests “lock” their carabiners to the cable. Once a guest starts on a course, the Tweezle™ Key can direct flow and prevent people from going the wrong way. The Tweezle™ Key also makes it impossible for guests to clip to anything but the belay cable and guarantees guests stay clipped on until they’re back on the ground.

Parts and Accessories

Starter Kit

The Starter Service Kit for LockD Clips is used to perform basic repairs to the LockD Clips system as outlined in the manual.

Disassembly Block

Spring Set

Abrasion Guard

Carabiner Removal Tool

Pin Punch

Hex Wrench