Introducing LockD Clips

The most advanced integrated carabiner system on the market.

Informed by the feedback from the adventure recreation industry, LockD Clips’ patented, streamlined, innovative “always-locked” design has been developed specifically for the needs of adventure recreation operators and participants.

Our smart belay system is simple, straightforward and secure.

Better for Climbers

  1. Streamlined clip design
    Climbers will appreciate the design, which is light and easy to operate
  2. Made for small and large hands alike
    A slenderized carabiner fits easily into any size hand, from child to adult.
  3. Ideal for first time climbers…and pros
    The design is so simple that there is virtually no learning curve for first time-climbers. But even your most experienced climbers and staff will enjoy the climbing experience too.
  4. Expands the age range for course use
    Children as young as 6 years old may use LockD Clips on your course without an accompanying adult, as the system meets requirements EN15567 Type D and EN 17109 Type D.

Better for Operators

  1. Minimized wearing parts
    Get greater reliability and longevity from your equipment. We provide a 3 year warranty on non-wearing parts.
  2. Onsite maintenance and annual inspection
    Inspection can be done locally as part of your normal annual course inspection process. Many repairs are extremely simple and can be done in the field as well.
  3. Reduced annual inspection costs
    With annual third party inspection handled onsite by a qualified PPE inspector, there is minimal out of service time and no shipping costs.
  4. Seamless integration
    The LockD Clips system integrates seamlessly into existing SSB courses, so clips can be upgraded all at once or over time as you retired your SSB clips.

Customer Testimonial: Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort

How Does it Work?

It’s simple. The “key” to locking and unlocking the LockD Clips smart belay system is the Tweezle Key. When a LockD Clip is inserted onto a Tweezle Key (mounted on a lifeline), it locks, while the other clip unlocks.

Using the Tweezle Key ensures that climbers only clip onto lifelines intended for participant use, eliminating the risk of customers clipping onto other lines not designed for participants.

What’s an Integrated Carabiner System?

Also known as a smart belay system, an integrated carabiner system such as LockD Clips is considered a type of continuous belay system used by adventure park operators as a safety system for keeping climbers attached to the lifelines throughout the course. The system makes the climbing experience safer and more enjoyable.

A smart belay system for ropes courses consists of a dual-lanyard, dual clip design in which one clip is always locked when the other is open.  This innovative type of ropes course safety system allows for active engagement with the equipment by the climber but ultimately ensures that the climber is attached to the lifeline at all times. 

Why is LockD Clips the best ropes course safety system on the market?

Smart belay systems for adventure parks, such as LockD Clips, also allow the climber to choose different trails, pass slower climbers and engage with vertical as well as horizontal elements, providing greater control and flexibility in the activity. With our simple “always-locked” design, LockD Clips safely hand the ropes and reins back over to the climber for an autonomous but trustworthy experience.

Other types of systems

There are other types of smart belay systems for ropes courses out there on the market today, but LockD Clips have officially changed the game. A continuous belay system – generally a roller or trolley that follows a set path – ensures that the climber is attached to the lifeline, but the climber lacks engagement with the course and their equipment, providing a more passive experience.  The continuous belay system also prevents climbers from passing each other, creating bottlenecks that can negatively impact the climber experience.  Other self-belay systems mimic the active engagement of the LockD Clip system but without the safety component, introducing a high level of risk into the activity.

LockD Clips combines the best of both worlds – safety and engagement – to give your climbers and operation the best experience possible.